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The Power of Positive Thinking

The power of positive thinking is well-documented, but it can sometimes feel like something that only works in theory.

The truth is, a lot of research studies have conclusively established that approaching obstacles in life with a positive mindset can improve your mood, give you more confidence, and even reduce the risk of developing conditions like high blood pressure, depression, hypertension, and similar stress-related disorders.

Well, all of this sounds phenomenal, but how do you create positive thinking? This article will highlight some of the best ways to harness the power of positive thinking.

Focus on the good in life

You’re bound to face challenges every day in your life. When you encounter obstacles, choose to focus on the good thing, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. The proverbial silver lining may initially not be obvious, but always look for it in tough situations. For example, if your plans to spend time with someone fall through, focus on how it frees up time to finish a project you’re working on or a book you’re reading.

Start your day with something uplifting or positive

How you start your day has a significant impact on how the rest of the day will go. If you start your day on a negative note, you will likely approach your daily tasks with a pessimistic view. To avoid this, try starting your day with positive affirmations. Here are a couple of tips to try:

  1. Talk to yourself with positive statements like, “I’m going to have a remarkable day” or “I am good at what I do.”

  2. Read an inspiring quote or listen to positive music

Practice positive self-talk

Do you have a voice in your head that points out your mistakes at every turn? This can make you view yourself in a negative light and subsequently affect your confidence.

To avoid this, practice positive self-talk. This is not about lying to yourself or being narcissistic – it’s more about showing yourself some understanding of who you are.

In terms of how beneficial positive self-talk can be, research shows it’s quite impactful. From losing weight to the work environment, to sports performance: changing that negative voice in your head to a positive one can have a positive impact on how you handle yourself under stress.

Find humor even in the most trying situations

Allow yourself to find humor in different situations, especially in the darkest ones. Allow yourself a good laugh when the going gets tough – it lowers stress and anxiety, as well as improves your coping skills, and lightens your mood. Remind yourself that it will get better, even if doesn’t seem so in your present situation.

Surround yourself with positive energy

Positive energy is contagious, as is negative energy. Take a hard look at the people with whom you surround yourself with. When you spend time with positive people, you’ll hear positive affirmations, positive outlooks, and positive stories. Their positivity will rub off on you and impact your thinking and how you see and feel about yourself. Try your best to improve the positivity of those around you, and soak in their positive energy as well.

Turn your failures into lessons

Remember that you will inevitably make mistakes and experience failure in your life. Instead of focusing on your failures and how they make you feel, think about what you can do to improve – this is turning your failures into lessons.

Final thoughts

Being positive is helpful in more ways than a lot of people realize. While it is impossible to immediately switch from pessimism to positive thinking, with a lot of practice, consistency, and patience, you can learn to approach situations in your life with a more positive attitude.

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