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What is YOUR Superpower?

Knowing that every single person on this planet is different from one another. It made me start to ask myself, “What is my Superpower?” What is the one thing that makes me different from the person next to me. I would like to believe that my superpower is me having the ability to find love and purity in any situation. However, after reading the actual definition, I believe that maybe it’s a little more than that. Superpower is defined as the ability which makes you succeed in business or in school. It is what enables you to outperform others in a game or exam.

Ask yourself these questions that will help your discover your Superpower:

What kind of advice do people come to you for?

The thing that people approach you about the most is a superpower. People love coming to you for this thing because they know you will do an amazing job. If people seek you out to give advice or input in particular areas or even ask that you lend a hand in certain projects. That type of feedback and request for assistance could be where your superpowers lie. It’s not an uncommon thing for people to not notice their superpower. The reason they may not be aware of this special gift is because it comes extremely easy for them. In order for you to understand what your superpowers are, you have to first understand your own mindset.

What do you do well?

What you do well and the contributions you make to the world are never ending, and it can be very helpful to write them down so you can start to notice patterns. I suggest you take 5-10 minutes each evening to reflect on and record what you did well that day and what you contributed to others or the world. The reasoning behind this method is to ensure you’re not discounting any of the good that you do.

What makes time disappear away for you?

The one way to figure out if you’re using your superpower is when time disappears for you. Whenever I’m writing or giving advice to a friend I feel like time escapes me. However, when I’m reading a book that doesn’t quite peak my interest I always find my mind wandering off to other things. What is your favorite hobby? What are the things you can lose yourself in? Make a list of those things and use that list to find your superpower.

I still believe that my superpower is the ability to find love and purity in any situation. After doing all types of research and creating my list, I know now that “Being present” is another one of my magnificent superpowers. To explore a little deeper into your superpower, take this Quiz. Share with me your results on Secure Your Peace facebook page. I would love to hear about your superpower, and how you plan to share it with the world.


The path to fulfilling your purpose gets crystal clear when your energy is in tune with the true potential, desires and essence of your limitless soul.

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