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Techniques for Meditating at Home

We are in some difficult times where we are forced to stay at home. We are forced to look at our four walls unaware of what the future will bring. I think this is a good time for us to get reconnected with ourselves and help our minds be at peace. One thing that has been around for centuries is the art of meditation and I would like to share some techniques for meditating at home.

People who meditate consistently find that there are short-term and long-term benefits. For instance, soon after they start sitting, meditators begin to enjoy a decrease in stress and anxiety, enhanced well-being, and, in many cases, improved sleep and overall health. In the long term, meditators are better able to understand how the mind works and how to work with their minds.

Follow these simple steps to help you meditate at home:

  1. Choose a meditation method that fits you style (7 types of meditation)

  2. Think about your purpose for meditating. Is it for stress, lack of sleep, or chronic pain? If so, you may do well with guided meditation, relaxation meditation, or chanting. If it is for gratitude then morning meditation can truly benefit your entire day.

  3. Start small and work your way up. Starting with short sessions also helps you to gain the momentum you’ll need to sustain your practice in the long run.

  4. Pick a time that best fits you and an area where you are most comfortable. You can sit on a meditation cushion, chair or even a couch, so long as you feel comfortable and you can sit up straight.

  5. Try a guided meditation. The two apps I like to use is Calm and Headspace. They both are really good meditation apps for both beginner and experienced meditators.

  6. Focus. To help the mind stay focused on the here and now, one of the best ways to meditate at home is to focus on the process of breathing. Be aware of your respiration as you inhale and exhale; use the breath as an anchor to your mind. When distractions pop into your head, acknowledge their presence and go back to focusing on your breathing.

The key benefit of meditation is it helps you control negative emotions and uncover positive qualities such as lovingkindness and compassion. These qualities already exist within us, what meditation does is it help us pull all these amazing qualities out.

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