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Finding YOUR Inner Strength – Decide, Commit & Act

What is the key to Finding Your Inner Strength? Inner strength is defined as, “stable traits, an enduring source of well-being, wise and effective action, and contributions to others.” [1] What that is saying is your inner strength is your ability to do the right thing, the right way, without any concern about what others think. In hindsight, I believe that most people don’t know the profound effects of making life decisions.

The reality is that we go through life oblivious to what thoughts we are thinking and what actions we are taking. Honestly, I can go as far as saying that we are unaware of how making decisions shapes our current and future reality. It shapes who we are as a person because we habitually follow through with the decisions we make without even realizing it.

How Do You Secure Your Inner Strength

If you are like me, you have plenty of voices inside your head at any given moment. These voices can represent a variety of reactions, thoughts, and emotions you could utilize. When you take a moment and think of how you want to react to a situation, at that moment, you are tapping into your inner strength. If you meditate on a regular basis, you will gradually improve your ability to hear your inner peace.

The life that you want to have, and the person you want to be, is a simple as changing how you make decisions. If you’re unhappy with the results in your life, please know that you need to make the efforts to change your decisions NOW.

Let’s talk about ways you can go about making life changing decisions:

  • Understand the Power of Decision Making. Any decision that you make has a cause and the affect will be a list of several events.

  • Know what you feel. It’s important to know yourself, love yourself, and have to strong core of what you stand for.

  • Carry Your Decision Out. When you make a decision, be sure to act on it. Stay committed to making a well informed decision.

  • Learn from Your Past Decisions. The truth is, you are going to mess up at times when it comes to making decisions. Instead of beating yourself up over it, learn something from it and move on.

  • Trust and Enjoy the Process. Decision-making might not be the most fun thing world to do, but when you do it often, it becomes a game of opportunity.


This is a fresh and powerful book of daily meditations that encourages you to discover your inner power and manifest it in every area of your life.

The Strong Mind (For Men & Women)

When we build inner strengths this way, we can face any adversities while maintaining our calm and high aspirations.

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