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A Simple Smile

A smile is a facial expression that generally depicts happiness or joy. A simple smile naturally triggers the body to release endorphins and neurological signals that make the brain feel good. Some days we may struggle to smile but knowing and understanding the benefits of smiling will give true reasons to smile.

Five Reasons To Smile

1. Smiling encourages you to be positive.

Days are often filled with hardships, which cause negative feelings to surge within. A smile can transform your outlook as it quickly diffuses the fog of negativity. It challenges you to focus on the positive as you rearrange how you approach the difficult aspects of your life.

2. Smiling reduces stress.

Feeling stressed? Try smiling – stress and joy can’t remain in the same space at the same time. It disarms the effects of stress throughout the entire body thus immediately causing stress to be reduced.

3. Smiling promotes youthful exuberance.

Stress appears on your face in the form of early wrinkles, which depicts an early sign of aging. Smiling keeps early signs of aging at bay as it works to improve your mood and overall boost the healthy flow of your entire immune system.

4. Smiling boosts your mood.

A smile is a perfect way to trick the body into de-stressing. This happens by sending the brain mood-boosting neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine – a positive chemical reaction within the body.

5. Smiling inspires more smiles.

A smile is surely contagious. It’s like a ripple effect and can cause many smiles. The joy of one person naturally motivates the joy of another. Try smiling in a room filled with people and observe the reaction.

Final Thoughts

Let’s make the physical act of smiling a habit – our bodies and everyone we encounter will benefit from something as simple as a smile. Plus, it’s surely a beautiful expression that positively motivates and uplifts your mood.

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